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Proposed apartments for Runnymeade, a White Hot Concern!

I met with Runnymeade Farms neighbors at the lovely home of Susan Dodson to listen to their concerns. The day before the gathering, I walked the neighborhood and spoke with residents.  I used to live on Knights Way and enjoyed speaking with old and new friends. 

Runnymeade Farms Candidate Meet and Greet August 18, 2019

On Runnymeade Farms: If I am elected, I WILL NOT support the apartment complex project as it is currently proposed (August 2019), by Holloway Corporation for Runnymeade Farms, due to the imbalanced nature of the proposal to meet resident’s needs, concern for overly dense build, and concern over the traffic impact and subsequent safety of residents within the community and the resultant safety impact on commuter and pedestrian traffic that spills onto Providence Road.

Runnymeade Farms

There continues to be plenty of intense opposition from Runnymeade neighbors to the proposed apartment complex proposal from Holloway Corporation.

The current proposal from Holloway Corporation developers in Runnymeade Farms comprises two 5 story buildings with 260 apartments (destined to be rental units) and 500 new parking spots. This complex is proposed to be in the center of the community, right next to the main entrance of which the additional traffic will aggregate right at the main entrance with the intended number of residents. The land was originally used for the community septic fields prior to the switch to a public sewer system. Runnymeade is a tranquil neighborhood of single family homes and town homes that are predominantly owned by individual residents.

Concerned Edgmont residents in Runnymeade Farms questioning the impact of overcrowding and traffic of the large scale development efforts of Holloway Corporation.

Residents should be aware, that according to the June 2019 Planning Commission Meeting, the developer has been granted “Tentative Approval”.  By granting “Tentative Approval”, the Township has let the project clear a major hurdle having determined, according to Section 912 of the Zoning Code, that the plan should have adhered to the following tenets:

  • is “in the public interest”,
  • is “consistent with the (Township’s) Comprehensive Plan”,
  • “adequately addresses storm water control,
  • “provides adequate control over vehicular traffic”
  • has a “beneficial relationship to the neighborhood in which it is proposed to be established”

What is not clear is “how” the tentative approval plans were granted when the above noted criteria should have been assessed to be “true” when many of the basic issues such as vehicular traffic, or “in the public interest or having beneficial relationship to the neighborhood” is simply NOT true, according to many of the neighbors. How did this happen and how is this project approval defensible? Runnymeade neighbors should continue to challenge the decision made thus far. My position as stated earlier, is clear. I will not support the apartment complex as currently proposed

Edgmont residents and neighbors participate in a Linda Yu candidate Meet and Greet on August 18, 2019 in Runnymeade Farms
Addressing the concerns of Runnymeade Farm neighbors, August 18, 2019

Vote for me on Tuesday, November 5th, and I will fight to protect your rights and your neighborhood!