Do we have the right mix of zoning and regulation to encourage investment and redevelopment for the commercially zoned properties, including the RT 3 commercial corridor, to make it an attractive destination for Edgmont residents and the surrounding area? Are there considerations for traffic and disturbance to neighborhoods and neighbors when proposals are on the docket for approval in already over congested and busy intersections? Given the booming commercial development on all sides of Edgmont, planning for change is necessary.

Some simple fixes are easy to do and would make life better for shop owners and residents, such as:

  • Maintain basic upkeep on median strips (like mowing the grass or adding interesting and easily up kept vegetation). 
  • Work together to make modest improvements to the street scape such as adding hanging flower baskets or other ornamental elements.
  • Eliminate the illogical zoning policies (e.g, like the 45 day/year limit on “sandwich board” promotions outside of retail shops)
  • Reduce the cost of approvals which in Edgmont, compared to the surrounding townships are considered cumbersome and costly
  • Modernize the commercial zoning code to permit more attractive and effective signage.
  • Modernize the zoning code to foster a vision for the commercial corridor to be a live, work, shop destination.
  • Work to build a plan with internal pedestrian and traffic flow among the adjoining properties to facilitate commerce and sense of community.

Some of these ideas are easy to do.  Some ideas require more thinking and collaboration with our business partners and commercial property investors with potential changes towards commercial zoning regulations.  More importantly, we need to work together with community members, property owners and zoning experts to foster a vision for the future.