Did you know that the Mariner East (Energy Transfer Partners (ETP)/Sunoco) pipelines are carrying a dangerous and highly explosive gas through our neighborhoods? The gas they’re carrying is ethane: a gas so unstable, it’s not able to be used for heating or fuel.

Plastic bottles Edgmont Township inadvertently supports the creation of, via the Mariner East ETP pipeline while assuming all the environmental and hazardous risks

Ethane is used to create plastic (and other related by products).

And, the ethane gas flowing through our neighborhoods is destined to ship out of the country to to produce plastic. So, we as Edgmont Township residents, assume the risk of explosive materials under our feet and through our neighborhoods to support the creation of plastic.


Dividing the amount of ethane shipped through Edgmont (assuming an average plastic bottle weight of 10 mg) would create up to 980 million bottles a day (Plastic crisis) or 357 billion plastic bottles per year.

The world population is 7.7 Billion. That is a massive amount of plastic bottles Edgmont Township supports making. Read more about this dilemma here.

The profits go to a Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), located in Texas—not Pennsylvania, not Delaware county, and definitely not Edgmont Township. So, we assume risks to our health and safety in order to make plastic bottles, and all the profits go to Texas. Does this make sense to you?

And this is standard procedure for ETP. Remember the refinery explosion that happened in Philadelphia in June of 2019? The company that owned the refinery—which was also partially owned by ETP—filed for bankruptcy, paid their top executives $4.6 Million in bonuses, and laid off 1,100 Philadelphia employees without severance pay or health care. The cost of clean up of the site will fall to insurance and Pennsylvania tax payers to clean up the mess, saving the “profits” for the company owners.

So when ETP creates the environmental problems in Edgmont Township—like water pollution, contamination, and more—and ships explosive ethane under our feet via the pipeline, who do you think will have to foot the bill when something goes wrong?

Benonite run off from digging the pipeline (Benonite is a cancer causing agent) running into sewer systems and stream beds in Edgmont Township June 2019

I will fight for our right to protect our homes, our families, and our water. Edgmont Township needs to take a strong stance against any entities who seek to pollute our land, destroy our home, and decrease home values. We need to hold ETP accountable for the destruction they have caused and continue to cause. Please vote for me on November 5th!