I believe in open and transparent government, balanced development, fair and equal treatment of residents.

I will ensure all projects approved within Edgmont Township consider existing resident’s needs, community safety, community aesthetic, and developer’s rights in a balanced approach that fairly represents the interests of all parties who are affected.

My Plans

The Sunoco Mariner East II Pipeline

  • Enforce existing township ordinances (such as those pertaining to work hours, noise, storm water management, environmental contamination) and increase penalties for consistent abuse by pipeline operators that inflict damage to personal property and other issues affecting our health and safety. I would move that NO waiver exceptions of municipal requirements nor permits issued related to exceptions will be permitted without full public disclosure, discussion, public feedback and possible vote for any exceptions granted.
  • Develop a plausible “Edgmont Township” emergency response and evacuation plan consistent with the risks of the pipeline as shown in the 2018 Delaware County Risk Assessment of Mariner East. An Edgmont centric response plan will focus on evacuation procedures and “where and how to get help” vs mitigation of all the risk factors noted in this report.
  • Investigate insurance and liability coverage to ensure accountability for damages coverage are accounted for by the entity causing the damages.
  • Participate  with other stakeholders such as Delaware County Emergency Services and neighboring townships on the development of a highly volatile liquids leak detection and public notification system.
  • Work with state and federal agencies to ensure that past Sunoco pipeline accidents in Edgmont are fully remediated.

Utilities & Federal/State Controlled Operations Within Edgmont

  • Develop new stringent “Right to Know” policies with all entities operating under eminent domain within Edgmont Township.
  • Enforce thorough oversight of current and proposed projects with potentially impacts to life and property.
  • Enforce “full and open” risk assessments by operators with a requirement to provide detailed, continued monitoring of operational status related to SAFETY as the primary responsibility of any entity claiming “utility” status (pipeline, water, gas, hazardous liquids, and 5G networks).

Proposed Runnymeade Farms Apartment Complex

  • Engage in evaluating alternative solutions to the currently proposed plan provided on June 24, 2019 and encourage a decision “delay” by residents.
  •  As a new Edgmont Township Supervisor, work to insure an alternative “plan” is enforced that is more synergistic with the neighborhood’s character.
  • Collaborate with property owners and residents to develop an alternative plan that strengthens the existing community.

Proposed Gas Station Complex on Old Firehouse Complex

  • Collaborate with property owners and residents to assist in developing a plan that strengthens the existing community, assists in owner’s business goals while keeping the character of Edgmont community intact.
  • Evaluate the impact of “over development” at that corner impact on traffic, noise and impact of residents who live nearby.

West Chester Pike Business District & Commercially Zoned Properties

  • Facilitate visual improvements and signage along business corridors and evaluate zoning policy changes to better foster investment to serve residents.
  • Evaluate ways to encourage more attractive shopping destinations, create incentives for renewables energy and re-use within local businesses, discourage use of plastics.
  • Establish an open, fair, transparent township approvals and guidance to business owners.

Smart, Green Growth

  • Incorporate best practices to encourage land conservation and open space preservation, coupled with smart management of environmentally sound growth within Edgmont. Encourage use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.
  • Develop trail networks for walking, hiking, cycling and horseback riding  to integrate residential and park areas and encourage healthy, enjoyable lifestyles.
  • Protect architectural and historic resources.
  • Modernize traffic planning and through sound design and engineering  approaches.
  • Vigorously engage the next generation with awareness activities linked to community growth and green practices.
  • Establish Edgmont as a desirable place to live and invest, thereby preserving and enhancing property values within our township.

Township Management

  • Foster a culture of public service, transparency and fairness.
  • Modernize and continually improve the efficiency of township services, planning, and operations using current technologies.
  • Ensure spending is efficient by obtaining competitive bids for township contracts.
  • Use modern communication methods to engage with and draw upon the strengths and expertise of the community. Livestream and video record all public township meetings. Carry out township business before the public, not behind closed doors.