In the Neighborhood…

…Do the Business Areas have the right zoning for the future?

The zoning along RT 3 / West Chester Pike is a mixture of commercial and residential zoning.  Does it make sense for the way we live and work today?  Does it encourage reinvestment? Redevelopment?

Should apartments above the commercial buildings in the Edgmont Square Shopping Center be permitted? As opposed to apartments in the middle of Runnymeade Farms?

Edgmont Township Shopping Center
Old Firehouse location @ 352 and Gradyville Road

Why does the zoning at the “Old Firehouse” permit apartments above commercial buildings in a semi-rural location when apartments are better suited for a more highly developed “town center” location?   Is this zoning logical?

The proposal for the redevelopment of the “Old Firehouse” is a mega convenience store with apartments above overlooking  sparkling new gas pumps.  Surrounded by million dollar homes, pretty farms and an existing gas station across the street, is this a good plan to serve the surrounding community? Is this logical?

Even more concerning, the supervisors proposed to use your tax money to re-engineer the intersection to make it all happen!  That seems like it would be immensely beneficial to the new buyer…and to the adjacent property owner, a township officer, who might also benefit.

The nearby redevelopment of the La Porta Restaurant provides a better model for the redevelopment of the “Old Firehouse”.  La Porta is a fantastic restaurant, well supported by the surrounding community, and loved by residents.

La Porta, a popular restaurant in Edgmont Township

I support logical development…Now that’s a vision for the future!

…It’s a Time for Change, send a message when you vote in November!