A lifelong Pennslyvania resident, I’ve lived in Delaware County for 22 years, and in Edgmont Township for 16 years: first at Runnymeade Farms, and now as the owner of a small farm in another part of the Township.

Most of my career was spent in strategic planning, focused on solving challenging problems using new and emerging technologies. My accomplishments include non-partisan policy-related work under both the Bush and Obama administrations related to strategic plans for readiness and response to terrorist threats and natural disasters post 9-11, as well as White House-sanctioned studies of science research and development spending linked to job creation. I started my career at IBM as a Systems Engineer, and later branched to leadership roles in several different start-up ventures in healthcare and technology, until launching my own management consulting firm supporting mostly federal work. I’m an entrepreneur currently working to launch a technology infused fitness business right here in Edgmont Township.

I’m looking to turn my attention to the needs of Edgmont Township and readying the township for the new set of challenges we’re facing: the inevitable growth and expansion by developers (e.g. Runnymeade Farms), and the threats associated with the pipelines transporting high pressure liquid gasses through our neighborhoods. I’ll use my business expertise to implement fair and transparent practices for all, improve and update township policies to reflect future needs, and evaluate the use of technology to better serve the needs of Edgmont Township residents. I’ll work to improve our township policies to encourage “green” practices—like open space planning—to preserve the natural beauty of our community.   

Through improved communication between the Township and the community, I plan to create a collaborative, respectful, community-engaged environment, where involvement from community members is encouraged and valued, and where transparency in township activities is the norm.

Let me fight for you and bring about the changes we need!