Time For Change

So many changes are facing Edgmont Township. New innovative leadership is needed to insure our beautiful community keeps and maintains open spaces, mitigates over development zeal, protects our citizens and provides safety from aggressive pipeline operators who are responsible for wreaking unbelievable and possibly irreversible havoc on our environment. 

“Not on our watch” is the theme I’ve adopted that represents a newly formed coalition of township residents who will work together to bring about much needed changes in our township to make way to accommodate anticipated growth, while protecting property values, insuring our safety, insisting on accountability when our health and value properties are threatened, and keeping green practices front and center. 

We live in a time that apathy, or “I can’t change anything” will be the downfall of our nation and our community. Changes can happen right here and where you can influence the outcome of our towns and in reverberation, in our nation. Being able to influence and impact the quality of life where we live and how we work together will define not only what impacts us immediately, but those that follow us – our children and the next generation. 

I invite you to step up to the plate with me, make your voice heard and get involved to make the changes needed in our own neighborhood as a microcosm of our world. I intend to aggressively provide open transparency to township actions (currently hidden), engage in new more efficient practices using technology, use my expertise in building community resiliency plans in the advent of disasters and work to employ our collective ideas to take Edgmont Township where it needs to be to sustain our high quality of life.

Let’s instill a sense of pride in what we build not only for ourselves, but also, for the next generations. Together, let’s take the time to make the changes we know we need to make happen, happen. Let’s make Edgmont a place we all love to call home!